The visionaries behind the Boulderball

The symbiosis of many years of friendship and shared interests gave rise to the fascinating world of boulder ball, created by the creative minds of Joachim and Dieter.

Joachim, a true juggler of ideas since childhood, fancied the idea of a game that would not only challenge the fingers, but also the mind and sharpen the senses.
He shared this vision with Dieter, an enthusiast with profound specialist knowledge
and technical expertise. Dieter not only gave the idea a tangible form, but also skilfully
tangible form, but also skilfully forged links to real sports such as climbing
and bouldering. The Boulderball was born, and thanks to the aesthetic signature of designer Martin, it became a visual masterpiece.

Joachim, the expert in mental and cognitive performance enhancement, has mastered the game with the boulder ball like no other. With unbridled creativity, he is constantly designing new climbing
climbing routes and game ideas that not only challenge the body, but also the mind.

Dieter, a sports scientist and enthusiastic climber, uses his in-depth knowledge and extensive network to successfully produce the Boulderball.

Thanks to this unique combination of innovative spirit, technical know-how and sporting expertise, Joachim
and Dieter have not only created a game and training device, but also a moving experience that blurs the boundaries between fun and sport.
and sport.

  • Joachim

  • Dieter

Made in ITALY

Designed in South Tyrol (Italy) and manufactured under strict quality standards in Italy (Tione di Trento), the Boulderball is characterised by local production.
This means it can be manufactured with care and offers short production routes, guaranteeing a sustainable and high-quality solution for climbing enthusiasts.


in the history of the development of the Boulderball

  • 2012

    Our friend and experienced wood turner Fritz made the first wooden prototypes for us. He also drilled the holes in the balls that served as handles.

  • 2016

    Presentation of the "Climbball" at the International Game Inventors' Fair in Haar.
    At this point, both the game concept and the rules had already been fully developed.

  • 2021

    The prototypes of the next generation of the Boulderball have now been 3D printed.

  • 2022

    The "new" Boulderball celebrated its debut at the Boulder World Cup in Brixen.

  • 2022

    Winner of the Europen Product Design Award.

  • 2023

    15,000 Boulderballs sold.