Concentration - Creativity - Skill

The smallest bouldering wall in the world
Training and concentration, but above all games and fun
With skill, concentration and a portion of perseverance you will manage to climb the highest mountains and with a lot of creativity to solve the trickiest problems. Wherever and whenever you want, the boulder ball is always with you.


We are happy to announce that our brand new app is now online! Discover the many cool features, including a practical building guide, instantly available routes, an effective warm-up programme and soon even a performance check. Try it out right now and experience what our app has to offer!

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Enthusiastic Boulderballers about us

  • ★★★★★
    Olympic athlete, climbing professional - As a professional climber, I not only need muscle strength in my arms and legs, but also enormous mental strength: focus, willpower, inner peace, stress resistance and stamina. It is precisely these skills that I can improve and train with the boulder ball. At the same time, playing with the boulder ball is relaxing and helps me to reduce stress.
  • ★★★★★
    World champion, professional climber - When climbing, I am repeatedly confronted with complex problems that seem insoluble. Creativity is required there. How do I position the foot, with which hand do I take the grip? Trial and failure lead me to my goal. With the boulder ball I can train exactly this creativity and find solutions in a playful way. It's like "climbing in miniature". What I only do with my fingers on the ball, I need my whole body for on the wall. I always need my head and the same thing happens when playing and when climbing.
  • ★★★★★
    Climbing trainer - As a trainer, I like to look for ways to encourage children's skills through play. Playing with boulderball is therefore an ideal option. The children train their spatial thinking while building the 3D puzzle. When "climbing" the routes on the boulder ball, they playfully develop creative solutions and learn to solve complex problems with increasing difficulty. You can see their willpower, focus and endurance improve. These are all skills that they also need when climbing on the wall or in everyday school life.
  • ★★★★★
    Super, cool game and at the same time training device. For me a perfect preparation for the visualization of the planned boulder.
  • Michael Piccolruaz
  • Angelica Rainer
  • Christopher Vonmetz
  • Stefan

First step

The BOULDERBALL is delivered disassembled into its individual parts.
Face the first challenge and assemble it exactly as instructed .

concentration, skill

Second step

Select a route map. Here are the holds you can take, numbered.
Find her on the BOULDERBALL and walk the route
through in the head.

concentration and visualization

Third step

Use the magnesium for more grip, because like real bouldering it is very difficult to hold the handles with slippery fingers!

Now you are ready for the adventure.

fourth step

Here we go!
Use the fingers of both hands!
BEGINNERS may touch the BOULDERBALL with a maximum of 4 fingers at the same time.
ADVANCED PLAYERS may touch the BOULDERBALL with a maximum of 3 fingers at the same time.
If you are already a PRO , then you can try the DYNO.
Concentration, creativity, skill - have fun